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About us

1300 000 tons

We provided coal in 2008-2011 to EU countries



The year in which we started to act

Company started its activity in 2003. Since the beginning our main profile was trading goods and additional services. Within a few years we established. At present we are a trading organisation with many years’ experience of collaboration with EU companies as well as East European countries including Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania. We also cooperate with the following countries: Georgia, Egypt, Iran, India and China.

The “POLBILDING” company’s mission is delivery of coke, coal, chemical products as well as dry goods in large volumes (that also includes non-standard goods). During the period 2008-2011 company delivered 1 300 000 million tons of energetic coal from Russia to Poland, The Czech Republic and other EU countries. All kinds of cargo, prior its delivery to  the buyer, undergo a strict quality check-up along with a detailed certification.

Our core goods include the following coke fractions: KM 0-10 mm, KO 10-25 mm, KO 20-40 mm, KD 25-80 mm, coke +60 mm, +80 mm and +100mm. We also offer benzene, rectified benzene, phenol, coal resin, pak (tar), oxalates, butanol etc.




We are proud of the fact that before every delivery to the purchaser goods are undergoing the dense quality check with the detailed certification what we reduced the number of the customer complaint to a minimum thanks to. We are recognizable as professionals amongst other dishonest companies. Our motto is a quality of not only goods but also the service. Main types of the control include: h.p. of 0-10 mm, KO of 10-25 mm, KO of 20-40 mm, KD of 25-80 mm, +60 coke mm, +80 coke mm, as well as benzene, purified benzene, phenol, coal tar, pitch, sorrel, butanol and other.











The Polbilding company is cooperating only with reliable suppliers. We are putting the special stress so that the supplier has select goods and in so that he is approachable in the required amount safeguarding businesses of our recipients. The Polbilding company has a stable position on the market thanks to great experience in cooperation with customers. Thanks to the good cooperation we have a majority of signed agreements for a lot of years ahead. It is attesting to the confidence and the professionalism. Frequent awards, in it “gazelle of the business” are confirming that we are company with which it is worthwhile cooperating.


“POLBILDING SP. Z O.O. SP. K.” an ideal trading partner for metal production plants (delivery of wide range of coke),
ferroalloy plants (nut coke delivery), foundry plants, as well as mineral wool and sodium carbonate manufacturers.

“POLBILDING SP. Z O.O. SP. K.” to gwarant udanej transakcji dostawy. Wysoki poziom jakości i komfortowe warunki współpracy z firmą wynikają z doświadczenia, a także z wypracowanych tradycji.

“POLBILDING SP. Z O.O. SP. K.” is a family enterprise which includes a few generations of top experts.

“POLBILDING SP. Z O.O. SP. K.” boasts its experience of collaboration with the Europe’s largest transport company - DB Schenker - which specializes in transporting oversized loads in the aeria of Europe and near abroad countries. Our sea transport partners include MAERSK company which operates in European and Asian ports.


Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. You can do so by phone or the online contact form.


POLBILDING Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

02-786 Warsaw, 8 Zamiany street  LU 202

Tel: +48 (68) 45 39 363

Fax: +48 (68) 45 39 364